Zoe Barr

Marketing Specialist




Zoe is a marketing specialist for the Maria Barr Team.  Having worked in a variety of roles, from the service industry to childcare to operations, she is able to empathize with and address the concerns and hopes of our clients, anticipate potential issues and address them before they are realized, and creatively strategize ways to market homes and effectively research your options. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience and accelerate the process, of selling or buying your home. 

Zoe’s dedication to do her work well and to help others is consistent with the qualities we look for in our team members, but her creativity and passion are what really makes her stand out. She has a keen attention to detail and is able to inject beauty and poetry into her work, which translates to world-class marketing for your home. 

In school, Zoe's concentrations were Math and English from which she has taken a finely developed facility for descriptive and lyrical copywriting along with a head for numbers and strong analytical skills.

In her spare time, Zoe enjoys working out, drawing, and listening to music.