Home of the Month

9 Shaker Ridge Drive, Canaan, NY

This month's home was selected by team member Ashley Ford.

"During my venture as a first time home buyer I found my biggest draw to a property to be based upon my ability to easily envision a family and friend filled home. Blessed to be  surrounded by a larger than average extended family with many cherished memories created at our family gatherings hosted at my beloved grandfather’s farm house, it has always been a priority to bestow and carry on the quirky yet charming traditions that come along with it to my children in a similar comfortable yet updated setting.

While I encounter several amazing homes daily, the ambiance of 9 Shaker Ridge Drive immediately invoked my childhood nostalgia as I toured the rooms envisioning the antics my 19 cousins and I would have gotten into with so much open space on multiple levels! I can practically smell the aroma of holiday feasts wafting from the kitchen, and can picture my family gathering into the formal dining room for dinner, the cousins all vying for an esteemed seat at the adult table, followed up by gift exchanges and embarrassing stories shared around the living room fireplace.

As I’ve recently married and began a family of my own it has been of great importance to provide and maintain close knit family and friend relationships for myself and my children while combining two family dynamics. Boasting 4 bedrooms, an airy sunroom, and lower level second family room with an additional fireplace and built in wet bar, combined with 7.5 sprawling acres to utilize, lake rights to Queechy Lake, and a 20 minute drive to Jiminy Peak, there are plenty of potential indoor and outdoor activities to provide day to day relaxation, recreation and remembrance."