Home of the Month

179 Main Street, Greenwich, New York

This month's home was selected by team member Zoe Barr.

Growing up with a real estate agent as a mother nearly guarantees growing up with a love for houses. At the age of 19, I have lived in a total of 11 different homes, each completely different from the one before. Ranging from apartment complexes, to houses with a neighborhood, to our condo, my siblings and I have never failed to settle in. Each new place immediately felt like a home, like i said - real estate agent mother.


Since turning 18, and with the help of several years of training in knowing what to look for, I’ve moved out on my own. I’m sure it would've been a scary process had I not been practicing my whole life, but i've learned to recognize the feeling of home when it's there. Upon entering 179 Main Street, I immediately got this feeling. I can’t be sure what it was, perhaps the glowing light coming from behind the flowing curtains, or the perfect space between the 3 bedrooms, maybe even the lovely smell that stayed consistent throughout, I couldn't help but picture a life for my family and me. The family room hosts large windows, ideally situated alongside a woodstove, this is where I picture winter nights, snow falling down, cuddled up with a big blanket and a book. Just a room over is a living room, quietly tucked away for a family movie night. The make or breaks for my siblings and me were always the kitchen and the bathrooms, if they weren’t perfect, we weren’t happy. I know I can speak for my brothers and sisters when I say 179 Main St. has it all! The kitchen is the perfect size, enough room for our Brady Bunch to make simultaneous, running late breakfasts, and even enough to fit all the chef’s on thanksgiving. Not to mention, more than one bathroom! Do you know how relieving bathrooms options are when you grew up with four siblings?


It is rare that I feel a sense of belonging anywhere my family isn't, but 179 Main Street brings the warmth of family along with it. (Seriously, I wish I could buy it.) Located in Greenwich Village, this house is incredibly adorable. It could not be more conveniently placed, with the YMCA next door, a grocer down the street, just blocks away from the Greenwich school, this is truly a dream home.


EAP Maria Barr 179 Main St Greenwich web.jpg